Intel Core i7-4790S 3.2GHz Socket-1150 OEM Desktop CPU SR1QM CM8064601561014 CM8064601561013


Device Segment:
CPU / Processor
CPU Name:
Intel Core i7
4th gen
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Product Overview

Type CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment Desktop
Family Intel Core i7
Model number i7-4790S
CPU part numbers CM8064601561014 / CM8064601561013 is an OEM/tray CPU
  BX80646I74790S is a boxed CPU
Frequency 3200 MHz
Turbo frequency 3600 MHz (4 cores)
  3700 MHz (3 cores)
  3900 MHz (2 cores)
  4000 MHz (1 core)
Bus speed 5 GT/s DMI
Clock multiplier 32
Package 1150-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array
Socket Socket 1150 / H3 / LGA1150
Microarchitecture Haswell
Processor core Haswell
Data width 64 bit
The number of CPU cores 4
The number of threads 8
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size 4 x 32 KB
Level 2 cache size 4 x 256 KB 8-way set associative caches
Level 3 cache size 8 MB 16-way set associative shared cache
Physical memory 32 GB
Multiprocessing Uniprocessor
Integrated graphics GPU Type: HD 4600
  Base frequency (MHz): 350
  Maximum frequency (MHz): 1200
  The number of supported displays: 3
Memory controller The number of controllers: 1
  Memory channels: 2
  Supported memory: DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600
  Maximum memory bandwidth (GB/s): 25.6
Other peripherals Direct Media Interface 2.0
  PCI Express 3.0 interface