RAM Memory Upgrade

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If your computer is a couple of years old or has recently started chugging during heavy use, it may be time to get a RAM upgrade. We offer a variety of RAM so that you can find whatever you need, whether you’re looking for a desktop memory, notebook memory, or server memory in any of the available capacity you need.


But first things first, why do you need a RAM memory upgrade? There are a number of benefits to increasing your computer’s memory capacity:


Faster, More Responsive Computer


When you open a program or a program accesses data from your hard disk, it loads the data into your RAM. If you don’t have enough or if you have way too many programs running in the background, the computer has to keep swapping the contents of the RAM from the a “swap file” on the hard disk to the memory itself. This generally slows down the PC and is responsible for those times when your PC seems to freeze for short periods of time. If you don’t want to be disrupted from your work, you need to look into getting additional RAM.


A PC with sufficient RAM is a joy to use, as the PC itself boots faster, programs open almost instantaneously (when coupled with a decent processor and hard disk), and the entire system runs much quieter as the hard disk doesn’t spin frequently.


Longer Hard Disk Life


It doesn’t matter if you’re using DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, or a theoretical DDR5 ram with blazing speeds – if you don’t have enough of it, your PC will still write and read to the hard disk’s swap file. This is punishing for a hard drive, and over time could contribute to wear and tear.


Disk swapping also produces a lot of heat because of the increased activity and power consumption, which could also reduce the life of components near the hard disk, so upgrading your RAM will not only prolong your hard drive’s life but the life of the computer itself as a whole.


Future Proofing


Software, particularly operating systems, are getting upgrades all of the time. More often than not, new features or revisions increase their RAM requirements. This means if you ever plan on using a computer regularly, you will soon find yourself running out of RAM as the applications and games you use start to become resource hogs.


Basically, you can never have too much RAM so if you’re in the mood for upgrades, you should expand your computer’s RAM capacity to as much as you can in order to save yourself from future frustrations. This is particularly true if you use your computer for gaming or for intensive multimedia editing.


Which Type of RAM to Buy?


Keep in mind that different motherboards, and different processors at that, require different types of RAM. You need to know whether you require a new stick of RDRAM or a bunch of SDRAM modules. As always, you need to consult your motherboard or PC documentation, or consult a tech-savvy friend.