​Intel Core i9-9900X

Posted by Star Micro Inc on Nov 3rd 2019

Simply put: this processor delivers. Suffered from a system meltdown the other month, so I had been looking for a good processor. I was in the midst of thinking about every other processor and their … read more

Intel Core i9 7900X - X Series

Posted by Star Micro Inc on Oct 27th 2019

Core i9 is the first new “Core i” Intel has introduced in 10 years. Like most major Intel launches, the Core i9 family represents a new platform, not just a new CPU, which means a new chipse … read more

Google Pixelbook (i5, 8 GB RAM, 128GB)

Posted by Star Micro Inc on Oct 26th 2019

Being an engineer, I have always preferred a powerful laptop. Laptops providing smooth running are usually bulky and come with a not so good battery, but my general usage consists of light work and br … read more