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We Have All the Computer Parts You Need

If you need a new Processor, another set of DDR Memory modules, or bigger SSD Hard Drives for your system, Starmicro will be able to help you get the latest and greatest, or even help procure legacy ones that other suppliers may no longer carry. Our store carries all the computer parts from all of the popular brands, ensuring that you can find that last bit of component you want for your build, whether you are building a new system from scratch or just upgrading a soon to be obsolete rig.

Our inventory and stocks are constantly refreshed with the latest brands, and our store listings are supplemented by high quality image galleries and accurate information, which are designed to give customers a good idea of the product they are buying before committing to a purchase.

We make sure that we are offering the most reasonable prices on hardware components, and only carry products that customers can feel confident buying. So there is no need to worry about buying sensitive parts such as a CPU or high capacity solid state drives – if you order from Star Micro, Inc., you will get the best deal available at the moment.

StarMicro Inc. 817 Corporate Way Fremont, CA 94539 USA

Phone: 1-510-490-5566
Fax: 1-510-490-5501

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Telephonic Sales: Mon - Fri 8.30AM - 5PM PST  Ph: 510-490-5566 

Customer Support Mon-Fri 9.00AM - 4.00PM PST


  1. All orders placed before 12PM(PST) will be processed on the same day except on Monday's for which the cut-off time is 9.00AM(PST).
  2. Customer will be notified within 48hrs by an email if the order is backordered.

Order Without Worry

We stand behind every purchase made at our online store, and we are confident that customers will find what they are looking for from within the pages of StarMicroInc.Net. With almost 3 decades of experience in the industry and a robust, customer-centric business model, Star Micro is confident that customers will have a smooth, worry-free experience browsing around our online store and an even smoother time from between checking out to receiving the product on their doorstep.