Intel Xeon E7-8880L v3 2.0GHz Socket 2011-1 LGA2011-1 Haswell Server OEM CPU SR227 CM8064501552522


Product Overview

General information  
Type CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment Server
Family Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3
Model number E7-8880L v3
CPU part number CM8064501552522 is an OEM/tray CPU
Spec code SR227
Frequency 2000 MHz
Turbo frequency 2800 MHz
Bus speed 9.6 GT/s QPI (4800 MHz)
  5 GT/s DMI
Clock multiplier 20
Package 2011-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array
Socket Socket 2011-1 / R1 / LGA2011-1
Architecture / Microarchitecture  
Microarchitecture Haswell
Platform Brickland
Processor core Haswell-EX
Core stepping E0 (SR227)
CPUID 306F4 (SR227)
Manufacturing process 0.022 micron
Data width 64 bit
The number of CPU cores 18
The number of threads 36
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size 18 x 32 KB
Level 2 cache size 18 x 256 KB
Level 3 cache size 45 MB
Physical memory 1536 GB (per socket)
Multiprocessing Up to 8 processors
Integrated peripherals / components  
Integrated graphics None
Memory controller The number of controllers: 2
  Memory channels per controller: 2
  Supported memory: DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600, DDR4-1333, DDR4-1600, DDR4-1866
  DIMMs per channel: 6
  ECC supported: Yes
Other peripherals Direct Media Interface 2.0
  Quick Path Interconnect (3 links)
  PCI Express 3.0 interface (32 lanes)
Electrical / Thermal parameters  
Minimum/Maximum operating temperature 0°C - 69.8°C
Thermal Design Power 115 Watt