E97380-001 Fan and Heatsink for INTEL Socket 1366


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Product Overview


Processor Specifications:


  Brand Name: Intel

·         Model: E97380-001

Product Features:

 Copper core, Aluminum heat sink and Fan

 3.75-inch fan, DC 12V, 0.30A

 Supports Intel Core i7 Socket 1366 processors

 4-pin connector (10-inch cable length, approximate)

 Package Includes Intel Socket 1366 Copper Core/Aluminum Heat Sink & Fan


Keep your system in top condition and maximize the life of your CPU with the Intel E97380-001 Copper Core/Aluminum Heat Sink and Fan. 
It features an
 aluminum heat sink with a copper core and a 3.75-inch fan for maximum cooling. It Supports Intel Core i7 Socket 1366 processors.

Terms and Conditions: 

For free flat rate shipping please place an order for fan with a CPU.  If you need only fan then place an order with UPS Ground shipping option.

Individual orders for fans (without CPU) not eligible for Free Flat Rate Shipping.

All orders placed for only fans with free shipping will be cancelled and refunded after deducting transaction fee and refund handling fee.