Dell Precision 5820 Tower Xeon W-2104 256GB SSD 8GB Quadro P620, 2GB


Product Overview

Dell Precision 5820 Tower Xeon W-2104 256GB SSD 8GB Quadro P620, 2GB
Warranty:  ProSupport Plus 
Expires 30 AUG 2023
817-BBBC : Not selected in this configura tion
780-BBCJ : No RAID
658-BCUV : Dell Developed Recovery Enviro nment
658-BCSB : Microsoft(R) Office 30 Days Tr ial
658-BBTV : CMS Essentials DVD no Media
658-BBMQ : Enable Low Power Mode
650-AAAM : No Anti-Virus Software
640-BBRC : Dell Precision Optimizer
640-BBLW : Dell(TM) Digital Delivery Cirr us Client
631-ABML : No Out-of-Band Systems Managem ent
620-AALW : OS-Windows Media Not Included
619-AMUB : Windows 10 Pro for Workstation (up to 4 Cores) Multi - Engli sh, French, Spanish
580-ABIS : No Additional Keyboard
575-BBCH : No Stand included
570-AADK : No Mouse
555-BBNI : No Driver
555-BBJO : No Additional Network Card Sel ected (Integrated NIC included )
525-BBCL : SupportAssist
520-AABF : External Speaker Not Included
490-BEQU : Quadro P620, 2GB, 4 mDP to DP adapter PWS 5820,7x20T
470-AAKG : US Power Cord
461-AABV : No Accessories
449-BBLT : SATA/SAS Hard Drive/Solid Stat e Drive
444-BBBS : BIOS binary check enabled and verified
444-BBBG : BIOS match checked back to fac tory
430-XXYU : Resource DVD not Included
429-ABER : No Optical
429-ABDW : 8x DVD+/-RW 9.5mm Optical Disk Drive
412-AALF : CPU Heatsink 5820 Tower
411-XXYB : Boot drive or storage volume i s greater than 2TB (select whe n 3TB/4TB HDD is ordered)
403-BBRL : Integrated Intel AHCI SATA chi pset controller (8x 6.0Gb/s), SW RAID 0,1,5,10
400-AUPF : 2.5" 256GB SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive
400-AKZR : No Hard Drive
389-CGKG : T5820 425W Regulatory Label (D AO)
389-BCGW : No UPC Label
387-BBBE : Not ENERGY STAR Qualified
370-ADSN : 8GB 1x8GB DDR4 2666MHz RDIMM E CC Memory
370-AAIP : Performance Optimized
340-CKSZ : No AutoPilot
340-BYNM : Placemat 5820 Tower MUI DAO
340-AGIK : Safety/Environment and Regulat ory Guide (English/French Mult i-language)
340-ADBJ : Thank You for Choosing Dell
338-BNBM : Intel Xeon W-2104 (3.2GHz, 4C, 8.25MB Cache, No Turbo, No HT , (120W)) DDR4-2400
329-BBJL : TPM Enabled
328-BCRU : Ship Material Tower 5820,7820
325-BCUD : Slim ODD bezel, 100% tie with slim ODD
321-BDCP : Precision 5820 Tower 425W Chas sis
210-ANJK : Precision 5820 Tower XCTO Base